ACCESS is a collaborative authentication research and decision support platform. It comprises three modules: the information module, the discussion module, and the decision support module.

Information Module

Using the information module, users of the platform can access the information about the different authentication systems, features and sub-features held in the platforms knowledge base. To explore the information held by this platform click one of the authentication schemes or (sub-)features in the lists on this page.

Decision Support Module

The decision support moduile helps developers and decision makers to select appropriate authentication schemes. It allows specifying the requirements needed for an authentication scheme to be suitable. Then, the platform compares the requirements with the entries of its knowledge base and lists the five most suitable authentication schemes and their suitability scores ​​for the corresponding scenario. Click here to start the decision support.

Collaboration Module

The collaboration module is accessible through the same interface as the information module. To participate in discussions or suggest changes to the knowledge base, click one of the authentication schemes or (sub-)features in the lists on this page.

1 Passwords Incumbent
2 Firefox Password manager
3 LastPass Password manager
4 URRSA Proxy
5 Impostor Proxy
6 OpenID Federated
7 MicrosoftPassport Federated
8 FacebookConnect Federated
9 BrowserID Federated
10 OTPoveremail Federated
11 PCCP Graphical
12 PassGo Graphical
13 PassPoints Graphical
14 CCP Graphical
15 Passfaces Graphical
16 CaRP Graphical
17 Xside Graphical
18 FilmPW Graphical
19 GrIDsure Cognitive
20 Weinshall Cognitive
21 WordAssociation Cognitive
22 OTPW Papter tokens
23 SKEY Papter tokens
24 PINTAN Papter tokens
25 PassWindow Visual token
26 RSASecurID Hardware token
27 Yubikey Hardware token
28 Ironkey Hardware token
29 CAPreader Hardware token
30 Pico Hardware token
31 Phoolproof Phone-based
32 Cronto Phone-based
33 MPAuth Phone-based
34 OTPoverSMS Phone-based
35 Google2Step Phone-based
36 Fingerprint Biometric
37 Iris Biometric
38 Voice Biometric
39 PalmVeins Biometric
40 Face Biometric
41 PersonalKnowledge Knowledge
42 PreferenceBased Knowledge
43 SocialReAuth Knowledge
45 KinWrite Motion-based
92 Mnemonic Password Knowledge
93 Passphrase Knowledge
94 Dictionary Password Knowledge
95 PIN Knowledge
96 Voice-based PIN Knowledge
97 Colour Password Graphical
98 Random Digits of PIN Knowledge
99 Associative Questions 1 Cognitive
100 Challenge Questions Knowledge
101 Associative Questions 2 Knowledge
102 Hand Geometrics Biometric
103 Retina Scan Biometric
104 Face Recognition Biometric
105 2D Gesture Biometric
106 3D Gesture Biometric
107 Keystroke Dynamics Biometric
108 Keystroke Dynamics and Password 2FA
109 Signature Dynamics Biometric
110 Hand Vein Traingulation and Knuckle Shape Biometric
111 Pict-O-Lock Graphical
112 VisKey (SFR) Graphical
113 Multitouch Android Pattern Lock Graphical
114 Use your Illusion Graphical
115 Déjà Vu Graphical
116 Picture Password Graphical
117 Convex Hull Graphical
118 Moveable Frame Graphical
119 Special Geometric Configuration Graphical
120 VIP 1 Graphical
121 VIP 2 Graphical
122 VIP3 Graphical
123 Passlogix v-Go (Oracle) Graphical
124 Draw-a-Secret Graphical
125 Recall-a-Story Graphical
126 Android Pattern Lock (Google) Graphical
127 Marbles Graphical
128 Marble Gap Graphical
129 Rotation 90° Graphical
130 Dial Graphical
131 Compass Graphical